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It's been our honor to serve all those looking to feel good and use alternative options,

to self heal their mind, body  and soul

.  And to elevate yourself. Enjoy!

Our Focus:

Hypnotherapy focuses on hypnosis,

the Greek term for sleep. The practice uses exercises that relax people, bringing them to an altered state of consciousness. This process focuses on mastering self-awareness. Through trance-like analysis, hypnosis decreases blood pressure and heart rate, putting one's physical body at ease. Working with memories, hypnotherapy helps a person to reframe, relax, absorb, dissociate, respond, and reflect. The process reconstructs healthier associations with a person's past events. Dealing with a wide range of conditions (and pain), people become responsive to new solutions that can lead to personal development through hypnotherapy. customizing a treatment plan. 

Our Client Promise:

We promise to be there for you every step of your journey. Our goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life. 

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Self Help & Advancement

Connect with your Guides

We help you connect with your guides. Get answers to everyday questions. Past, Present, & Future.


Career Guidance-- $100/1 hour in person/online/phone. 

$200  with a written personal plan.

Energy work- 

Heal your inner soul.  Soul Investment $100, 

This is where I send you my high vibrational energy  through my hands, to help energetically balance yourself, align your chakras, clear and clear energetic traumas of the heart, mind, body traumas, help remove cellular blockages or tap your intuitive abilities. Most people say they feel and/or look 5 years younger after they release old cellular trauma.  For those seeking peace & good health.

1. a 30 step process 2. Work on releasing this of the past or stuck energy.


Private Tarot lessons, 30 step Energy work, tools and training. call for details


Past Life Regression

General Hypnotherapy

Guided by Hypnotherapist. 


Regular Hypnotherapy. Access your inner mind to get the most out of life. Hypnosis session Soul Investment $150 per session; 

1.Includes perdentquestionnairre

2. Your Office visit, session runs 75 minutes the day of.

Typically used for inner peace, bad habits: goal setting, weight loss, positive reinforcement, to quit smoking, release negative thoughts, releasing.

 Its a deep state of Hypnosis one can achieve their desired Changed behavior and goals. I also  do analysis of what you want to accomplish. One can work towards weight loss:  3 to 6 sessions recommended. Just like eating 1 salad a week doesn't work. Either will just doing 1 session. Commit to your body and change your habits.

Types of Hypnotherapy:

Emotional Release Hypnotherapy-3 sessions

Focuses on releasing trapped energy

Brain/Mind Exercises

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy-

1.Intake form

2.  75 minute sessions

3. Questionnaire

4. sessions to be every 7-10 days.

 Soul Investment $1000

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