Service Detail:



Access your inner mind to get the most out of life. Hypnosis session Soul Investment $125 ; Typically used for inner peace, bad habits: goal setting, weight loss, positive reinforcement, to quit smoking, release negative thoughts, releasing. 

Its a deep state of Hypnosis one can achieve their desired  Changed behavior goals. I also  do analysis of what you want to accomplish. Work towards weight loss:  3 to 6 sessions recommended. Also positively program your unconscious mind. Replace negative thoughts with positive beliefs, thoughts, and changing the way you think, feel and EXPERIENCE life.  For example to lose weight, be more positive, be more discipline, etc.

Past Life Regression


Time travel to your past. 

A guided regression, will help you find inner peace, It will help you remember previous lives,  it will help you find out who the people in your life are to you and what they mean to you. It will also help you figure out your life path, and hear your own guidance. As well as help you connect at higher vibration so you can clearly connect with your guides & etc.

Weight Loss


Food Control

Emotional Release Program

Goal Setting


More in depth business plans available, come see me for details. And/or website building. 12 Months/ Annual guidance:



Connect with your GUides, love ones, or Angels.

Angel channeled Readings from your angelic guardian. With your permission I access your guidance. $50/30m-$100/1 hr

Seek counsel in the area you need. Save time and money by knowing your direction in life. My guides: God=Creator ,Jesus, Archangels: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Ariel, Mother Pleiadian & whoever else you may want to connect with.    One can ask questions about relationships, current, past, present or future. Family Relationships, Friendships, Business/Work relationships. Any problems you cannot see clearly yourself or need intuitive guidance on.

NLP-Brain Exercises


Guided, effective, Mind Exercises that allow you to look at any given situation in a different light. Feel stress slip away internally in  just 2 sessions. As you go through the exercises your body will allow you to release what you've been holding on to so dearly. A mind approach to real everyday problems. Kick the process of your mind on in the butt with some NLP. Come, Make a shift. $300