Thanks for visiting my site. Im glad you have taken the time to invest in yourself because you are worth it. 

Usually when people find me there is a deeper meaning in life they are seeking or looking for answers in their life. Which usually can be discovered through self help exercises, energy work, past regression, tarot etc.

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Donna Peterson

​EDUCATION: Business Public Administration B.A. Liberal Arts Former R.U.S.D School Teacher Business Development Certificate Management, Human Development Soul Renovation Training  Trainer, Tarot  ,Neuro Linguistics Programming Practitioner Hypnosis Practitioner; 10 courses in NLP/Hypnotherapy training
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Spiral Dynamics Life Coach, Success Strategist; Business Coach Practitioner Training in: Tarot, Angel Readings, Channeling, Spiritual Guidance, Meditation, Intuitive counsel. Director of Marketing
Business Coach & Advisor
Director of Business Development Blessed by "God" Previous Susan G. Komen Public Relations Chair Previous Environmental Board Member Previous Commercial Real Estate Board Member Current ROA Board Member Former Greek Honor Society President (Order of Omega) Previous ZTA Alumnae President Previous ZTA Collegiate  Chapter Vice President II 
Previous ZTA  Alumnae-Colligiate Chair 

Reiki Certification-HB/Back East

Tarot Cards-Learning Light

Channeling-LL/Back East

Meditation- Royces Circle -LL